About Us

GARD_sign-300x127Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit animal charity and a licensed 509(a)2  no-kill animal shelter that is funded entirely by private contributions, and receives no government funding. GARD was founded in 2006 by, and is privately owned by, a family of animal lovers who have dedicated their lives to saving animals and educating others regarding the pet over-population problem.

GARD is called upon by numerous Animal Control Shelters to help them with over-crowding, hoarding situations, and special needs dogs that no other rescue will take. GARD has been called upon by citizens in the local community to help find homes for dogs they can no longer keep, soldiers being deployed who have no one to take care of their dogs, elderly persons going to nursing homes, local people who have found stray, starving dogs abandoned on the roads (something we see far too much of), and the list goes on and on.

GARD places just under 1,000 animals into forever homes each year. GARD is committed to finding homes for all adoptable pets. We do not euthanize adoptable animals, and there are no time limits for the animals once they are in our care. We only humanely euthanize those animals suffering from significant medical issues or that pose behavior concerns. We are proud to be a part of the solution to ending pet homelessness and overpopulation in Southeast Georgia.

055The Numbers

  • 2013:  Rescued & adopted out 711 pets
  • 2012:  Rescued & adopted out 841 pets
  • 2011:  Rescued & adopted out 1098 pets
  • 2010:  Rescued 821 dogs (740 adopted out, 81 transferred to other rescues for adoption).
  • 2009:  Rescued 687 dogs (537 adopted out, 150 transferred to other rescues for adoption).
  • 2008: Rescued 399 dogs (246 adopted out, 153 transferred to other rescues for adoption).
  • 2007:  Rescued 277 dogs (156 placed in GA and 121 transported and placed in the Northeast).
  • 2006:  Rescued 413 dogs (125 placed in GA and 288 transported and placed in the Northeast).