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Just wanted to update you again on Duke ("cute lab puppies").  We've been hit with a major snow storm and Duke LOVES it! He fits right in!  Even though the attached picture isn't the best, it's all I could do being I could barely see the screen outside. I'll send another cute picture showing the aftermath of coming in from the snow - he passed out on the couch (we got well over a foot of snow - more like at least 2-3' with the drifts)!

He's doubled in size from when we got him and doing very well!


:) Sue


She is doing really well and seems to love the snow! Thanks so much for bringing her to us.





I've told all my friends about your animal shelter and how wonderful and helpful your volunteers are not to mention how sweet and beautiful your dogs and puppies are!!!  Thank you for making our family complete buy allowing us to adopt and bring home...Simone Krull


Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to reach out and give you an update on one of the pets we adopted from your organization back in February of 2009.

We had the opportunity to adopt Gracie, a beautiful Labrador retriever mix, and she has been a joy every day since we have had her!  She was 5 to 6 weeks old when your organization drove her up to Connecticut, which was a very long ride for both her and your wonderful driver, Wanda!

From the moment we saw her, the feeling of gratitude and love we already had for Gracie was incredible.  It makes me wonder why anyone wouldn't adopt an animal versus going through a breeder.  The act of adopting her has strengthen our bond with Gracie and has brought such a source of joy and happiness to our family.  I truly believe that the animal adoption process is the only way to go, and we are already planning to give Gracie a sibling from your organization in a few years!

I wanted to thank all of your volunteers and the organization itself for all the hard work and effort you all do on a daily basis, and I can imagine that at times it can be thankless.  Please let me know whatever I can do up here in Massachusetts to help support GARDonline, and I will continue spreading the word to everyone I know interested in a pet.

Thank you once again, and keep fighting for these animals!

- Brent

(Below are a few pics over the past year, starting with the original picture you posted)




Dear Joy,

Early last Summer we adopted Bear.  We live in MA and after a couple of false starts we finally made the connection and picked him up.  He was pretty scared but loveable.  Weighed in at about 25 lbs.  He spent the two hour drive home sitting on my lap.  Bear was about 5 months old.  He is a beautiful Chow mix.  Now at 1 year old he weighs in at 55 lbs. And has claimed our youngest miniature schnauzer as his personal toy.  They love each other.  My daughter and I love him too.  He is with her tonight at her child care job   He really looks like a chow but has saddest looking eyes and howl, so thinking some hound dog in there.

I had been looking to adopt a dog in need for quite awhile but when I saw Bear's picture, I knew that he was the one and still is.  Thank you!

 This is Sunny - she was one of the puppies chosen to appear on Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet:

Hi Joy!

We've been watching Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl!  She's a (sleepy) celebrity!  We've been so very happy and grateful to have such a wonderful pup in our home.  Here's a pic of her at about 8pm on the evening of my daughter's bday sleepover..look familiar?! Other pic is with my daughter Hanna at a puppy kindergarten class.  Hope all is well.  I'll stay in touch.


  Nutmeg was one of the puppies chosen for Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet:

Hi, here are some recent photos of Nutmeg, as you requested.  She's happy, active, and a great new addition to our family!  Thanks for everything


Hi Joy, Just wanted to let you know how much we all love "Max". He has really done well. We are working on house training and he has caught on pretty fast. Didnt do real well with everyone gone yesterday, but that is to be expected.....so we know what to do next time we are all gone. He's not sure about the horses so he keeps his distance. He gets along well with all the dogs but the female Husky "Natasha" she tends to put everyone in their place, lol  He adores the grandkids and wants everyone to pet and love on him. Not sure why he has adopted sleeping in our bed under the cover? lol Yes he pushes the cover around until he can get under the blanket and down he goes to lay his head on my leg and curl up for the nite.

 Thank you for your patience the other day, sure wish I lived closer to work with Curly.....I think I made the right choice. Thanks again, Gisele B.


No Picture Available.


In the snow!  We went to New Hampshire this weekend and he had a blast and met a new friend who was also adopted from Georgia!  Enoy!




We wanted to share with you how much we love Pete and how well he has fit right into our family.  He is growing (over 70 pounds now!) and thriving here on Cape Cod and absolutely loves the snow and chasing sea gulls on the beach!  Pete has a love of the woods as well and loves racing down the trails of the local state park, stopping to investigate every interesting tree, bush, and rock.  He and our 2 year old lab Marcie were instant buddies and love curling up together on their dog bed or any other soft comfortable surface they can reach, as well as playing tag in the back yard.  Pete tap dances around when its time for his meals and adores our two children who use him as a soft fluffy pillow!

Wherever he goes he receives an automatic hug from everyone he meets as they cannot resist his teddy bear eyes and soft fur.  We are proud to tell people he came to us from your organization and they, like us, are shocked that such a beautiful and loving dog could have been so thoughtlessly tossed out.  Thank you for saving Pete and bringing him to us, he is the perfect addition to our family and he now has the life every dog deserves!

Liz and Shawn



Hi Joy

Thank you sooo much for letting my have Waterboy be a part of my family.  I have named him Sandler and he comes when I call him that.  He is doing really well and has already made a few friends!  He's a very snuggly boy and he got more toys and treats than you can imagine from family and friends!!  He's stocked up for a long time!  He loves his walks and the SNOW!!  Gizmo, my sisters dog, has been playing in the snow with him when we go outside.  They got along instantly ;-)  They are the best of friends already!  I will keep you up to date if you would like.  I've attached a few pictures from his first few nights in his new home.  He loves the couch! HAHA



Dear GARD,
I adopted a dog from your shelter a week ago Thursday.  His name was Spider (I have re-named him Sydney).  He is a wonderful addition to our family and is settling in nicely and quickly learning his house manners.  When we first got him he was terrified in the car, and after many short car rides (and accompanying treats and affection) he's finally able to ride in the car without shaking. 

Thank You,

Carol M



Pam asked me to send you a picture of Nia, our rescue poodle you called Angel. 

Katie the yorkshire and Nia are getting along very well and Nia has settled in FOREVER.

Thank you for all you do.


Attaching some pix of the latest addition to the family, some of you know I recently lost my beloved Nellie to a spleen rupture, and though I tried to stay with just 1 dog, it was not poosible.......so thanks to the Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence (yes they spell it that way), I found this baby, rescued from a high-kill shelter down there....I can't imagine anyone giving her up, she is sooooo mellow, well trained and an absolute gem, physically not perfect but so what?   We'll deal......Her name was Eve when she came, but she didn't respond at all......but when I call her "Baby Girl" it's all tails and response.....so Baby it is!  We ate a good breakfast this morning, we're crashed right now, and just happy.......Pix attached are so-so.....but better than nothing!



He is very,very sweet.  He looks adorable with his new dark brown collar.  When we got home last night, he had a blast running around in the snow in the front yard.  It is kind of frozen so he was sliding across it...too light to sink through!

Do you know what kind of dog he is?  I think he looks a little like a pit bull terrier mix but Tommy thinks he looks like a jack russell terrier mix.  Just curious if you have any background.  We figure the vet will let us know anyway.  I figure he is too big to be jack russell esp if he is only 4months old.

Thanks alot! 


P.S. Hope I am not bothering you with all these emails.  Its just nice talking to someone who does what you do.  It is what I would love to be doing but don't have the courage to give up everything to do it.  That's why I give you guys so much credit.  It is such a good thing to get those poor dogs out of their sad situations and that there are people like you willing to do it.  Thanks again!

No Picture Available.


Dear Joy,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the chance to adopt these little guys.  They are doing so well, love the snow, bother the cats a bit, but we are getting along fabulously.  Their names have changed...Pinky and Moe (guess which one is Pinky???) they have tons of toys and beds and smackerels to nosh on.  We love them!  thanks again, our digital camera is on the fritz but as soon as we get another we will update...

Kathy Harris B.


No Picture Available.



I thought I'd update you on Callie's progress in our home.

She's doing well.  We just love her!   She's calm, still a bit timid (not unexpected) and seems unsure when we approach her with the leash.  She seems to make progress every day.

She's been for rides in the car, gone to the pet store for some goodies, and has met the neighborhood kids who all really like her.  She has had a nice bath and she smells terrific!  She even has a new collar and leash, and a special tag with all her family info.  She's really becoming a very important part of our family!

You should see her roll around in the snow.  She's so funny to watch:  she sniffs around, then lays down and rolls around in the snow.  Then she shakes herself off and does it all over again!

She's too cute.

I've attached a couple of photos so you can see she's in a loving, happy home where she'll get lots of love and attention.




I just wanted to send you some photos of Jamie.  We renamed him Petey.  He already knows his new name.  You will see our other dog, Chance, is in two of the photos with him.  They are the best of friends.  Petey even likes our cats?maybe a little too much!  Haha.  He is thoroughly enjoying our 3 acre property and now that is is not 17 degrees out, he spends a lot of time running in our backyard.  Thank you for the beautiful work your organization does.  We are so happy to have Petey as a member of our family.  He is healthy and happy and will be getting immunizations starting next Friday and neutered thereafter.  I know from my experience working in a shelter that you sometimes don't feel like you can make enough of a difference, but for those you adopt out, it makes all the difference to them and their new families.

I especially love the photo of Petey under our tree.  He stayed there all day on Christmas despite the chaos.  My parents got such a kick out of that.



Dear Joy and Company,

Joey (Jolene)  is adapting well to the snowy weather here in central New York!  The first thing she did was flop onto her belly and roll in the snow.  She loves her sister Lucy and her new back yard.  She is everything you said she was, so sweet and gentle and loves everybody.  She is perfectly house-trained too.  She's enjoying all the attention and loves to play tug-o-war and chase games.  She looks like a little fox streaking across the yard and diving into the snow. That's her on the right waiting at the door with Lucy.  Thank you again for all you do.  We all love our new girl.

The Wood Family

Fayetteville NY

Here are afew photos of Nellie's birthday.She loved her cake, as you can see she is licking the plate clean. When Bobby came home and I was baking her a cake his words were..... "I'm getting my bags and packing them now" my response...." Why" because you have lost it!!!! But if you could have seen him taking the pictures you can tell he loves her too!!! Enjoy


Last year I came and adopted the little black Schnoodle that had been so badly abused he wouldn't allow anyone to touch him for weeks upon coming to your shelter.  I have meant to do this for months, and finally have made myself stop and send you an update so you can see what a great job he did of turning things around after you gave him the chance?

Anyone who meets him exclaims over how funny, happy and sweet he is,  which makes me so grateful because of all he had to overcome.  It took only patience on my end and time (less than 45 days or so) for about 80% of his abusive behavioral habits/reflexes to be gone, and the 5% or so he still has today he will probably always have.  No one else would even recognize them however, and I am happy and constantly amazed at how I couldn't have asked for a better behaved, sweeter dog.  And all he asks from me in return is to sit down on the couch with him so he can sit behind me on the cushion, where he lays his head on my shoulder very softly and lets out a happy, contented sigh?!

So thank you so much for my Ollie as he is easily the most delightful, enjoyable, sweetest thing ever?

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