Our Facility

newsign-300x217GARD operates a no-kill shelter.  Some of our dogs are in foster homes, but the majority are here at the shelter.  While we understand that a shelter environment is obviously not as ideal as someone’s home for a dog, we would rather see the dogs here at the shelter, safe from euthanasia, rather than in the freezer at animal control.  Here they have plenty of food, clean water, shelter from the elements, excellent medical care, TLC from the GARD volunteers, and a second chance at life in a loving forever home.  They are only here temporarily, and we are able to save many more dogs by having a no-kill shelter rather than using only foster homes.

The GARD shelter is located on 18 acres outside of Pembroke, GA, in north Bryan County.  We have outdoor kennels, surfaced in concrete, and covered with roofing material.  Each dog has it’s own dog house in spite of the kennels being covered.  In the summer, we have fans to circulate the air through the kennels and each kennel has a small baby pool for the dogs to cool off in.  We also use soaker hoses at the end of each kennel in the summer time so the dogs have the option of cooling off.  In the winter time, each dog house has a clean blanket, we put tarps up around the kennels at night, and have heaters in the buildings for puppies/pregnant mothers, and the infirmary.  Of course, special consideration and care is given to puppies, elderly dogs, sick dogs, and pregnant mothers.  We have a special building for puppies/mothers, and a large building for the quarantine and sick bay area.  

There are kennels in a quarantine area, where new dogs are placed until cleared of any possible contagious ailments.  All kennels are thoroughly cleaned with bleach daily and common areas for exercise are pooper scooped daily.  

GARD is inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture regularly and any modifications or improvements suggested by inspectors are made promptly. Some pictures of the shelter can be found by clicking Media on the menu.