Newman (Otis)

Newman (Otis)

Check out Newman aka Otis in his new home with his GARD alumni sister. He is now living his best life.


Wanted to send another picture of Toby. He is an amazing part of our family and is thriving!! He has been groomed and has seen an amazing veterinarian and has been blessed, after a baseline blood workup, with being a model of health!

Thank you again for being a wonderful advocate and foster home for Toby. We truly cannot picture life without him.

Picture below of Toby cuddled up on my husbands lap.

With so much gratitude,

– Lesley Marr


Thanks for helping Buddy get his new home with us. He is everything you said he was and more just a sweet wonderful Shepherd. We have included a picture for you of Buddy relaxing in his new bed at his new home.

Dixie (Natasha)

Hello – I am across some old paperwork I had from your organization dating back to 2012….I adopted a dog that came up on a transport to Newtown, PA back in May of 2012 (her name was Natasha but we changed it to Dixie).  I just wanted to send you some pictures of Dixie…she is doing very well and we are so happy to have adopted her.

Bernadette Goydish

Belle (Penny)

We’ve taken Belle (now Penny) to the Cedar Animal hospital for her checkup and everything is great.  Thanks again.  My family has fallen completely in love with her.  She is a joy in our home and will be well loved and cared for.  Best wishes and thanks.

The Sohayda family.


We adopted Cayenne a few weeks ago on 5/21 at the Pooler PetSmart.  We have renamed him Bentley and we are in love.  You said your dogs have middle names so we made it Bentley Gardner as he picked up a watering can on his first trip to the back yard to help out with the patio plants.  He is a great puppy.  So gentle and loving and also playful.  I have attached a few photos. We were hoping to find a dog that would be good with our 4 1/2 year old daughter and Bentley is the perfect match for her.  Thank you for caring for him before we found him!


Thank you for Corky. He is wonderful, happy, and loved. He now lives on a very nice boat at Lady’s Island Marina. He can’t wait to get ‘home’ every night and LOVES to hop down the companionway to get on HIS boat. Being a boat dog is the dream of every dog. I know for a fact this is true. We get gently rocked to sleep every night. Who WOULDN’T love that life? I’m sure he tells every dog he meets. Apparently, he does because I see some very jealous dog faces! LOL

Bay (Bourbon)

Thank you for giving us this little nugget (Bourbon). We LOVE him. His name is now Bay. Bay Bourbon Dauksys. 🐕❤❤❤

Chloe (Pepper)

We adopted Pepper now known as Chloe “Sweet Pea” Thornton, back on May 13th, 2017. We were extremely heartbroken over the loss of our 4yr old dog to canine lymphoma,  that we knew we needed a new fur baby in our lives to help ease our pain.

We have two older dogs,  and three cats, but losing our Tobie was and still is unbearable. I am so thankful to have this little diva in our lives to help us heal.  She took right to being house broken, has MANY toys and her own toy basket to keep them in. She is just such a delight.
Thank you for allowing us to adopt her. She’s spoiled rotten,  but that’s the way it’s supposed to be!
Shawn and Matthew Thornton

Finn (Hero)

Last Saturday, I drove from Summerville, SC to adopt a puppy from you.  We found a puppy named Hero and he has stolen our hearts.  He is very smart and is house training very easily.  We renamed him Finn and I have attached a few pictures.  We love him very much!!!  Thank you for helping us find him.  And especially thank Michelle for all of her hard wok with the adoption!

Elizabeth Bates