We believe that education is the key to the prevention of cruelty and neglect of our animal companions.

The Over Population Problem

With each day that passes, more than 10,000 healthy cats and dogs are euthanized in the United States alone. The cause of this figure is simple and clear: there are not enough loving homes to adopt all these unplanned animals. Across the nation, animal shelters face the day-to-day tough and costly responsibility of cleaning up after an ignorant society that allows their pets to reproduce at an uncontrollable speed. In today’s economy, this challenge is greater than ever. Typically, a single community will end up spending millions of dollars a year to manage and take care of these unwanted animals.

Lack of Knowledge Regarding Pet Care

Many people do not understand the amount of responsibility it takes to properly care for a pet. This ignorance can quickly turn into a bad situation for both the pet and the owner. Pet ownership is cited to have many benefits for humans. Owning a pet can help reduce stress, improve your emotional health and may even promote faster healing. However, keeping your pet in good health involves a lot of responsibility. Understanding how to care for a pet requires you to do a bit of research beforehand. Your pet needs to have a proper diet, grooming, a place to sleep, proper training, social interaction and may other things in order to be happy.

Educating Children

Pets can have a profound social impact on the young. The experiences children have with their pets are different from the experiences they have with their toys. While both toys and pets are enjoyable to children, a toy’s purpose is to be used according to the whims of children. When toys become tiresome, they can simply be put away. Children must be guided by adults to understand that living things aren’t made that way.


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