14956615_10154714184962244_3249066478870019220_nGood Morning,

My boyfriend and I adopted “Bogie” a cream lab mix on Saturday after seeing him at Petsmart in Pooler.

Huge thank you to everyone who helped him choose us as his “Furever” home!

img_1085His new name is Duke. He has been with us 3 days now and is doing great so far. He is getting used to crate training at night and loves his teething bone and doggie pacifier that one of your wonderful volunteers helped us find! When he is allowed to have some “inside” time, he loves his dog bed and sleeping next to his new dad! We keep him on his leash inside to get him used to the rooms without getting into puppy trouble, but we have a feeling by this weekend he will have free roam. He has a vet checkup on Wednesday to meet his new Dr.

Enjoy some pictures we have been taking!

14947892_10154717737247244_7720998734237607812_nMorganne Hedden and Jonathan Cook