I just wanted to give you an update that Boomer is doing really well….. In fact, you would think he has always lived here by the way he is acting.  The big plus is that he loves my kids, and they love him.  My other two rescues are learning to love him… Ha ha.  They are still sorting out what to think of this guy with all the energy who came in acting like he owns the place!  But all in all, smooth transition with the dogs.  He is also doing really well with his potty training.  He’s had a few accidents, but at a minimum.  He LOVES his new dog bed that we have beside our bed and has to be coaxed to get out of it.  We took him to the groomer on Sunday at PetSmart where they gave him a milk bath treatment which seems to have helped with the itching.  I’ll be taking him to our vet for his well visit and appointment to get established next week.

Thanks for taking care of him,