Beyondobsession-300x225bearsnow-390x250Dear All, Bear is now 1!! (we think….) My husband and I chose April 1st for Bear’s birthday and for his present we bought a house, so he now has 3 acres of woodland and a pond to lie in and get filthy, which he adores. He is really well and was successfully neutered by our family vet in late October of 2007. We have discovered that Bear has an obsession with tennis balls and we think he is a Dachshund / Border Collie mix and he is amazing – he plays football and lies on his back with the tennis ball in his mouth, removes it with both paws, waves it around and replaces it in his mouth!! Thank you so much for letting us adopt him, we love him very much. You are welcome to use these photos on your website as an adoption success story if you wish. Sincerely, Cate