gracie-225x300Dear Joy,
We have returned “home” and Mamma (Grace) runs beside us everywhere with her new collar and attached red bow.!    We are crazy for this dog ,and I think the feeling is mutual on her part.  What a wonderful outcome for us all!! . It is the beginning of so many happy times with her ,and the rest of my children and grandchildren are thrilled to be apart of this adventure also.   She is well loved and has you to thank for with your commitment to her welfare.   I wish you and yours many blessings for the blessing you have brought into our  lives.   There will be pictures, of course, in the days ahead. You will enjoy her participation in the life of Colonial Williamsburg and the interaction of the visiting children. I am a writer and have long time thought of children’s book based on the experiences of a child in Williamsburg  viewed through the eyes of a very special dog.  I think we may have found just the dog for our story.  She sits beside me as I write now; sends you wet kisses and thanks for her new family.
In gratitude,
Virginia HE. Curl