Odie-300x225Just wanted to drop you folks a line to let you know that Loki (formerly Odie) is well and very happy.  He walked into my backyard and when he met my other 2 dogs, Lucy and Bronson, they all started chasing each other and playing within about 30 seconds.
My dogs are referred to at the local dog park as the Malachis.  The Malachi Brothers were characters on an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie was in a demolition derby  Their patented move was the Malachi Crunch.  They would attack a driver from 2 opposing directions and SMASH them.  Lucy and Bronson work in a very similar manner, the work as a team, one distracts, the other one attacks.  They spend alot of their time running and chasing their friends.  I was a little worried Loki might need a little time to fit in. Boy was I wrong, he understood instantly and joined right in and chased our friend Synder (a 100 lb. Australian Shepherd/Lab mix) and took her down.  HIs pack includes my guys, Synder, Chester (a jack Russell) and Stoagie (a Jack/Corgie).  He loves his new friends.  I named him Loki after the Norse God of mischief of the same name.  The gods were supposed to leave their realm of Asgard and travel to Earth via a bridge composed of a rainbow.  After the park, we stopped at the local Petsmart to stock up, and when we came out, a rainbow was right over my truck.  I take that as a good omen.  I just wanted to thank you all again for the great work that you’re doing.  Keep it up!