savannah-390x250Savannah has turned out to be a very smart little dog.   She has already learned the dog door to get out.   She knows what “treat” means!  She is a very easy dog to handle.   She is getting friskier and friskier.   She “helped” me garden today.   If I pruned she chewed on a stick.   When I dug she dug too although not exacty in the right place.   She watches everything I do.  She uses her crate a little a night but I have dog beds everywhere and also have a bed that goes across the head of our bed and she knows to sleep there as well.  She likes the various dog beds.
She did come in with a little kennel cough but we have her on a short series of antibiotics and she’s quickly getting over it.  We got her stitches out as well.  She rode in the car like a dream.  She wasn’t even interested in hanging out the windows like my setter does.
She had her first walk with her new collar and leash today and was so proud with that little tail high in the air.   She has told everyone in the neighborhood that she’s here now.   She’s put people and dogs in their place.   She doesn’t seem to need to tell them three time though.
She and Lucy are getting along but not quite playing yet.   Lucy is a new alpha dog and she isn’t quite ready to have Savannah jump on her head!   They will though I’m sure.   Lucy was the dog that made my other dogs play.   Paybacks!!!!
Thank you so much for you help and thank you for rescuing this precious little thing.   We love her very very much.
Becky, Cash, Lucy and Savannah