amberHi! Amber is doing really well.She is the apple of my eye.I cant believe she is practically housebroken already.She had 1 small puddle by the door last night,when it was so cold out.As long as I keep a sweater on her she’s been real good.She loves watching the birdfeeder out the front window and has all kinds of toys to play with.I made her some polar fleece sweaters to wear. Amber loves to go on walks w/Ben(I bought her a tiny harness).They get along so well,he lays on the floor & she jumps all over him,once in awhile he’ll give her a little nudge w/his nose & make alot of noises @ her.I have to send them both outside to do all that running.I find it so hard to believe anyone would get rid of such a sweetie.She does hate the vacuum,she growls & attacks it.Even the cat gets along w/her.(and it took me years for Ben & the cat to ignore each other)Just wanted to thank you again,although I just cant thank you enough for Amber,I love her to death.Here are a few pictures.Take care,we’ll keep in touch,Kathy,Amber,& Ben