BlueHey Joy!!

Sorry I haven’t written earlier – I wanted to get some pictures of Blue (aka Banjo) to you. We’ve come to realize that when you live at the beach…..your summers are packed with guests :), so I haven’t had the time to get some really good pics of my 4 legged boys but I’ve attached what I’ve taken over the weeks with my phone. He is doing so great – just as if he was meant to become a Batiz member all along. My son and him are glued together (he calls him his “baby”) and Timber couldn’t be happier having a younger brother – the additional personality at home has been wonderful! It is time for me to have him neutered and I needed to talk with you about how to go about that. I had asked my vet a couple of weeks ago if there was a chance they would honor the neuter voucher and he said he would have to see – I guess speak with you and make an arrangement. If not, I need to get a recommendation from him on a close by clinic. If that’s the case should I get the voucher and then call them to set up the appointment or would you need to speak with them? Please just let me know and enjoy the pics! Have a great day!