benjHi, My husband and daughter were in Pet Supermarket on May 24, 2008.  You all were there having an adoption day.  He adopted a visually impaired shitzu for me that day.  I know this is a really long time coming and you probably don’t remember, but he has always wanted me to send pictures of “our baby”.  I would always forget, but tonight I was watching Dog Town on tv and was thinking how greatful I am for people like you.  Without you and your work I would not have my Benji (who I call my “forever baby”, he really is a mama’s boy).  He’s come along way and is doing amazing.  Most of the time you would never know he can’t see.  I just wanted you to see some pictures of him and let you know how much your hard work is appreciated.
p/s I believe the name of the person who personally helped my husband that day was Joy,but we thank you all.