betsyDear Joy,

Betsy is just the sweetest little dog, and everyone who meets her (especially the neighborhood children) falls in love.  She follows her mom around like a shadow and has discovered that her human’s bed is a wonderful place to spend the night and take daytime naps.  She has her own chair where she can look out windows to check up on what’s
happening outside and watch the birds.

She was obviously well socialized for, when I took her for a walk yesterday, we visited with three dogs; her tail wagged a mile a minute while she urged them to ‘come play with me’, and she joyously greets every person she encounters.  She is such a good girl that Shirley and I often wonder about her former home and why she ended up in a high-kill shelter before you rescued her.

Bless you for your wonderful efforts to find homes for these precious babies.