Hows Bo doing?  Well, he is VERY loved at our house.  Sometimes I think his fur is going to be rubbed off, hes loved so much.  He has mastered the stairs at our house, which is good because we live in a raised cottage and weve introduced him to the water.  He really has taken to it.  We have a little doggie ladder (basically a gradual step ladder) that lets Kelly sits on in the water and Bo walks down to him.  Yesterday we took him to Ossabaw and he just ran and played.  He was so wiped out in the evening, but is back to his same old self today.  Ive been doing a lot of reading, so were slowly training him  – or maybe he is training us.  Either way, again we are so very happy to have adopted him!  He is very good with children and other dogs.  Great personality.