I thought I’d update you on Callie’s progress in our home.

She’s doing well.  We just love her!   She’s calm, still a bit timid (not unexpected) and seems unsure when we approach her with the leash.  She seems to make progress every day.

She’s been for rides in the car, gone to the pet store for some goodies, and has met the neighborhood kids who all really like her.  She has had a nice bath and she smells terrific!  She even has a new collar and leash, and a special tag with all her family info.  She’s really becoming a very important part of our family!

You should see her roll around in the snow.  She’s so funny to watch:  she sniffs around, then lays down and rolls around in the snow.  Then she shakes herself off and does it all over again!

She’s too cute.

I’ve attached a couple of photos so you can see she’s in a loving, happy home where she’ll get lots of love and attention.