coco2Hi Joy!

We thought you might like this latest picture of Coco (crippled little toy poodle adopted May 6, 2009) and a Christmas stuffed toy, Santa Paws. Coco has bonded to me quite easily and we love each other dearly.  He is right here now by my chair as I type, telling me he is ready for “beddie bye” so I will put him in “our” (his and mine)  bed.   He is so sweet.  He goes for grooming every six weeks and loves the ladies at the grooming salon but it breaks both of our hearts when I have to leave him.  The owner always lets me pick him up in two hours, less than the usual time for pickup.  She understands our attachment.

Thanks again Joy for suggesting Coco to my nephew, Ben Gill, to adopt for me.  Couldn’t have been a better choice.

My best to you and all the “little people” at the shelter.  God Bless all of you!

Fran H. and Coco