cometI would just like to take this chance to update you guys on how Comet is doing.  I got his paperwork the other day, and he just got a clean bill of health from our new Vet. We think Comet loves his new home! He is really such a good boy we cannot believe it.  He hasn’t had a single accident, he knows his commands, and he sleeps on his bed at night without wandering.  Not to mention that he is great on a leash.  For Thanksgiving I ran a 5 mile road race, and decided to take him along.  He loved it! he stayed next to me the whole time, and he really impressed a lot of the runners we were alongside.  He seems a bit skittish around men the first time he meets them, but he is fine with females.  He was never skittish once with me though, its like he knew I was adopting him!.  My fiance’ Susan and I call him velcro, because he follows me all throughout the house, never leaving my side.  I understand that someone else actually called for Comet but didn’t get back to you in time, and we got him kind of last minute.  Well we cannot thank you enough.  In the 2 weeks we have had him he really has become a member of the family, and we love him so much.  Here are a few pictures of Comet. I hope you enjoy.