gagirl1gagirl2I’m a sweet Georgia Girl, I wished upon a star and found out that dreams do come true.   I am told that my original owners, from Georgia could not afford me so surrendered me to a place  that destroys dogs that they cannot find homes for.  Lucky for me a nice lady from GARD, a rescue foundation in Georgia that has a no kill policy rescued me before I met a terrible demise.  I was sent to Canada to a rescue foundation that helps out  because there is so much poverty where I come from that people aren’t able to adopt homeless animals such as myself.   I was adopted by some people that didn’t understand me and weren’t able to give me time to adjust into my new home when I displayed behavior that they weren’t willing to work with. I once again found myself in a Shelter waiting  for my forever home.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of my story dreams to come true.  There are no more broken promises in my life.   I now live in a home that has more than enough love to go around.  I live with  two other canine companions, two cats that refuse to run from me,  a bunny and two guinea pigs that give me what for if I get my nose to close.  I am still wary of men but am getting more confidence almost daily.  I listen really well to my people and have good recall.  My mom says I play nice with the other dogs at the dog park.  In the spring my boy,(the one who saved his money and rescued me), says he is taking me to agility…not sure what that is but it sounds like fun I can hardly wait.

Thank you to all the angels that worked so hard to see that I found my forever home.   There is a special place in heaven for all of you.


Your Little Duck Tooler

Daisy AKA Georgia