dexter1dexter2I don’t know if you will even remember Dexter. He came to us about two years ago now after being rescued from an animal hoarder, along with his brothers and other relatives.

Well, I just wanted you to know how he is doing.

First all, Dexter is the smartest dog either my husband or I have ever had–and by a long shot.         He can learn vicariously–just by watching our other dog, Rupert.         He still avoids new men, but unlike our first few forays into the world when I had to nearly carry him down the sidewalk, he just loves his walks around the neighborhood. He greets women and children with a wagging, curious tail. Even with men, he warms up after a bit.         Just in case you have any doubts about Dexter’s new self-image, he is COMPLETELY dominant over our 85 pound golden, Rupert, despite weighing just 37 pounds.         Their relationship is close, though, and they always sleep curled up together.

I’ve attached a couple of photos so you can see how he’s doing. They were taken at my Dad’s cabin in WI this past weekend. He does NOT like water–he stands on the shore barkly whenever Rupert swims, but he does like hanging out on the beach with the family.

Hope in your day of caring for homeless animals, this little update will keep your hopes up.

Yours,  Michele T