gracieandkidsShe is doing so well.  She is so friendly and affectionate, and has done beautifully with every dog and cat she has met.  She is now inseparable from our elderly black lab, and won’t go out or eat unless he is with her doing the same thing.  She is clearly learning from him, and now sits nicely before getting her dinner or a treat.  She likes to play with him and he is so tolerant of her puppy antics.

I took her out on a walk with some friends and three other puppies and she was so funny.  She is ten times faster than any of them!  She is so pretty when she runs.  They romped and played.  We came to a stream and the other three dogs jumped right in (they are retrievers, and had been to this place before).  Gracie had us doubled over in laughter.  She was not so sure about the water, because she’s had a bath and didn’t much enjoy it, so she danced around the edge of the water testing it out, meanwhile gazing longingly at the other three happy, paddling dogs.   She rolled in the mud a little, splashed a little, ran back and forth and finally decided, hey, I’m going it.  At which point she blasted at full speed right straight into the water.  Of course that put her way out over her head before she even knew it!  She started paddling furiously and paddled so hard she launched herself halfway out of the water up into the air.  Of course she got the hang of it quickly.

At home she is just a love.  She sleeps with my daughter but we had to buy her a little dog bed and put it down at the foot of the bed, because otherwise she’d creep right up onto the pillow next to Karina’s head!  Now she runs in a curls up in her bed when she sees Karina brushing her teeth.

I can’t express to all of you how grateful we all are that you saved Gracie for us.  She is an endless delight and we are all completely smitten.  She comes everywhere with us and is so well-behaved in the car and on a leash in a crowd that it’s easy to bring her.  In fact a crowd forms whenever we bring her out because her personality is so attractive.

Again, many thanks to all of you and rest assured, Gracie is a now a pampered princess with a loving family!

All the best — Dianne