harley2Hi Joy,

Remember me, Harley? I’m doing really well up here in Boston. I got attached to my new friend Janelle right away, and now we do everything together. I love to give her high-fives when I’m on my back. It’s been a little over two weeks since I loved here and slowly I’m coming out of my shell. I didn’t make even one sound the first week, but now I howl a bit when Janelle leaves. Hopefully she doesn’t lose her job because of me, because all she wants to do is stay home and love me to pieces. She says thank you for taking such good care of me before we found each other. Well, time to go for another jog; I’m on a strict weight loss plan.



P.S. Say hi to my old buddies and let them know someone will adopt them soon. How could they not be adopted? Janelle says it was very easy to get me and would recommend GARD to anyone!