He is very,very sweet.  He looks adorable with his new dark brown collar.  When we got home last night, he had a blast running around in the snow in the front yard.  It is kind of frozen so he was sliding across it…too light to sink through!

Do you know what kind of dog he is?  I think he looks a little like a pit bull terrier mix but Tommy thinks he looks like a jack russell terrier mix.  Just curious if you have any background.  We figure the vet will let us know anyway.  I figure he is too big to be jack russell esp if he is only 4months old.

Thanks alot!


P.S. Hope I am not bothering you with all these emails.  Its just nice talking to someone who does what you do.  It is what I would love to be doing but don’t have the courage to give up everything to do it.  That’s why I give you guys so much credit.  It is such a good thing to get those poor dogs out of their sad situations and that there are people like you willing to do it.  Thanks again!