I just wanted to send you some photos of Jamie.  We renamed him Petey.  He already knows his new name.  You will see our other dog, Chance, is in two of the photos with him.  They are the best of friends.  Petey even likes our cats?maybe a little too much!  Haha.  He is thoroughly enjoying our 3 acre property and now that is is not 17 degrees out, he spends a lot of time running in our backyard.  Thank you for the beautiful work your organization does.  We are so happy to have Petey as a member of our family.  He is healthy and happy and will be getting immunizations starting next Friday and neutered thereafter.  I know from my experience working in a shelter that you sometimes don’t feel like you can make enough of a difference, but for those you adopt out, it makes all the difference to them and their new families.

I especially love the photo of Petey under our tree.  He stayed there all day on Christmas despite the chaos.  My parents got such a kick out of that.