KylahHi Joy:

I just made a donation to GARD but I also wanted to give you an update on Kylah the sweet giant schnauzer.  I think she rescued us more than we rescued her.  She has been such a joy in our life.  She had a pretty bad bladder infection when she got here but that’s gone and she has lost a lot of weight with a new diet and that has helped with the arthritis pain…

So attached are some pictures.  She likes to strike a pose!  And she loves her dolls (a monkey and a racoon).  Her groomer lives across the road.  Kylah gets to wander around our property on leash and visit neighbors and friends for treats and a haircut.  But as you shared with us, she is pretty stubborn and she mostly likes to nap.  So in honor of you as a mother of lots of dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, Happy Mother’s Day.  And thank you for the gift of rescuing Kylah.  God bless you.

Best,  Cathy