This is Little Man (now known as Gus). He spent the first year of his life tied to a his life truly begins.  He was adopted by a lady in Massachusetts.
Gus_Lobster_1208v1littlemanHi Joy,
Hope you enjoyed the holidays! I have been meaning to send you some updated pictures of Gus (formerly known as Little Man). He is doing really great and I am madly in love with him! Since being here he has filled out and I think over time has lost all his old coat and it has filled in with a New England winter version. It has been bitterly cold here for the past few weeks but the weather does not seem to phase him and he LOVES the snow which we have gotten more than our fair share of in the past few weeks. There is probably over a foot on the ground now and he bounds through, rolls in it, digs — loves it. Actually he seems to love everything. He wakes up so happy and snuggly, rolling around in blankets and pillows. He is making up for lost time in the running department as well — loves to run — and he is as fast as a jack rabbit. As a result of all the exercise he is solid muscle and looks so great. Has tons of friends, all shapes and sizes, his best is Bosun, a Cairn terrier who he spends time with everyday. They are like 2 peas in a pod. There is also Marley the Golden down the street, Otis the sheltie, and of course, his girlfriend, Bella the Yorkie. I can’t tell you how much he means to me. Can’t imagine life without him. Just a sweetheart in every way. He is getting more comfortable and trusting of humans as well — even a few men.  He has breakthroughs everyday. I have attached some pictures I took during the holidays (my favorites are the ones with the lobsters — they were Xmas Eve dinner). He was initially puzzled with the concept of bringing a tree in the house and but was thrilled when Santa brought him toys and treats for being such a good boy! Love, love, love him! Thanks so much and all the best in 09!
Take care,