lizzylouHi Joy.  Hope all is well with you and the rescued critters.  Lizzy Lou is doing great.  She was spayed yesterday and I have attached the receipt from Godley Station as proof of the procedure (per the adoption agreement).  She is feeling a little lousy today but is sleeping right now.  She is such a good girl and we love her to pieces.  We take her to our house up in NC every few weeks and she absolutely loves it up there.  I’ve attached some photos. She is a mountain dog for sure and has a friend, Chiquita, that comes over to play up there.  They are funny.  We also have taken her to the dog park in Savannah at the corner of 41st and Drayton and she has a blast with the other dogs.  It’s funny how you get to know the dogs names before their parents names.  Anyway, take care.  I would love to get Lizzy a sister or brother from you one day before we move to the NC house.  We’ll see.  Take care.