This is one of our dogs who went up north and stayed with a friend of ours.  Her new mom could not go pick her up and our friend Cassie got her friends the pilots to give her a ride!!!  We had Miss Madoo 2 years after we rescued her from a crack neighborhood in Garden city.  She’s come a long way!!

Hi! Madoo is HOME! : ) She flew from PA to CT to meet her mom at the airport.  Thank you so much Don and please thank your co-pilot for me! She was wonderful and Madoo wouldn’t be home if it weren’t for the two of you! I am so happy she is finally home! Madoo has been waiting two years for her forever family and now she is finally home where she will be loved and cared for by a wonderful couple.  Cassie, thank you so much for putting me in touch with Linda! She is so sweet and put me in touch with Don who didn’t hesitate to offer his time/plane to help Madoo.  I might have to learn to fly now! It looks amazing! Madoo was wonderful on the plane and looked out the window and then fell asleep over NJ. : ) Thank you so much for everything you all have done to help Madoo make it home.  I miss her already! She is such a loving and affectionate dog.  Thank you all for helping her! I’m so glad I was able to foster her and meet her and help her make it home.  She was wonderful around my dogs and little sisters while I fostered her.