Hi Joy, Just wanted to let you know how much we all love “Max”. He has really done well. We are working on house training and he has caught on pretty fast. Didnt do real well with everyone gone yesterday, but that is to be expected…..so we know what to do next time we are all gone. He’s not sure about the horses so he keeps his distance. He gets along well with all the dogs but the female Husky “Natasha” she tends to put everyone in their place, lol He adores the grandkids and wants everyone to pet and love on him. Not sure why he has adopted sleeping in our bed under the cover? lol Yes he pushes the cover around until he can get under the blanket and down he goes to lay his head on my leg and curl up for the nite.

Thank you for your patience the other day, sure wish I lived closer to work with Curly…..I think I made the right choice. Thanks again, Gisele B.