???????????????????????????????Hi Auntie Joy,

I wanted to let you know that I’m still doing great in my home. It took a little while but I can really be myself now and I’m a crazy little boy. I play with my toys all the time, and usually bring five or six of them on the couch at one time. I get so excited about every little thing because I’m so happy. My mommies must really love me because they are always kissing and hugging me, scratching my back and especially scratching my ears, I love that!!!!!!

I hope you like the pictures. I love to pose for pictures!!!!! One is with my two brothers, Pablo (Pabi) and Benito (Benny). (My real name is Miguel, Mikey is my nickname.) The other is just with Benny, and of course I had to send one of me in my Christmas tie.

I hope you and everyone at GARD have a wonderful Christmas. My mommies will be sending a check soon for a donation for the holidays.

Thanks again for saving me, you are wonderful!!!!

Love, Mikey