I thought I would provide you an update on Nadia (formerly known as Ana) and Tasha (formerly known as Kelly).  Both are doing very well.  Nadia’s eye sutures came out about 2 weeks ago and we are waiting to see if they contract more with the scar tissue.  If not the left eye will need to  be tightened up but my vet wants to watch for another 6 weeks.

Both are in obedience school and are at the top of their class.  Nadia can do a full minute sit/recall and both do over a 100 yard ‘come” on the first command.  Tasha does sit/recall but only about 45 seconds right now.  (at the end of the 3rd class)  we have 3 more weeks in basic to go.  Then I am looking at agility for Tasha.  I have never seen a BRT as fast and agile as she is.  She plays with one of my barn staff’s australian shepard mix.  They go racing around the horse riding arena (all sand)  and then to a sliding halt.

Nadia is very protective and attached to Hagrid and he is just loving it.  I was picking up them from the groomer on Monday and they always get put in “luxuary suites” while they wait for me to pick them up.  One handler went in to get Hagrid before Nadia and Nadia wouldn’t let her touch Hagrid until they put the leash on her also and they came out together.  Tasha is the typical youngest child…carefree and light hearted.   I am going to try and take more pictures this weekend.  Both are gaining weight…Nadia faster than Tasha but she was underweight more.  Nadia is now 93 pounds and we expect her ideal weight to be about 110 to 115.  Tasha will be lighter with her weight right now at 81 pounds ( up from 70) but her ideal weight is about 90 to 95.

Hope all is going well for you and please relay the update to the person who had surrendered the dogs so she knows they are loved and doing well.

Also how is the other BRT doing that went East?