naviHi, my name is Sandy, and I’m emailing you to give you an update on the border collie puppy I adopted October 3, 2009. I went to pick her up an hr drive from my house, with my dad and boyfriend, and when I saw her, I fell in love. I named her Navi, prounounced (nah ve). I named her after a fairy from one of the Zelda video games because its most commonly used phrase is “hey, listen” and that is what the little puppy does. She is doing very good and has gone from 9.8lbs to 18lbs. She’s still a baby though, and some mornings decides that she still wants to be carried down the stairs. She’s teething, so she’s been chewing everything, but other then that, she’s doing great. Navi is pretty much house trained, she’ll only have an accident if its really raining outside cause she doesn’t like to get wet, or even go out when its raining even though I hold the umbrella over her, not me. I figure its something that she’ll get better with in time. She now sleeps through the night without the need of a mid-night potty break. Navi loves toys that squeak and is starting to learn the names of her toys, she has a squeaky toy turtle that I told her to get today and she ran to the turtle, grabbed it and got half way back to me before she got distracted. I can’t tell you how happy I am, and her training will only get easier the more I work with it, and when she’s done teething, which the vet said should be soon. Enclosed is a picture of her outside 5 days after she came home. Thanks for bringing this little nut into my life.