ollieLast year I came and adopted the little black Schnoodle that had been so badly abused he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him for weeks upon coming to your shelter.  I have meant to do this for months, and finally have made myself stop and send you an update so you can see what a great job he did of turning things around after you gave him the chance?

Anyone who meets him exclaims over how funny, happy and sweet he is,  which makes me so grateful because of all he had to overcome.  It took only patience on my end and time (less than 45 days or so) for about 80% of his abusive behavioral habits/reflexes to be gone, and the 5% or so he still has today he will probably always have.  No one else would even recognize them however, and I am happy and constantly amazed at how I couldn’t have asked for a better behaved, sweeter dog.  And all he asks from me in return is to sit down on the couch with him so he can sit behind me on the cushion, where he lays his head on my shoulder very softly and lets out a happy, contented sigh?!

So thank you so much for my Ollie as he is easily the most delightful, enjoyable, sweetest thing ever?