Dear fellow rescuers and transporters,

I am passing along this message of thanks from Pearl’s new family.  They adore her and she is doing very well in her new home.  Without your help, Pearl would never have found her way into the lives of these precious boys and this wonderful family.  After three long days of transport, Pearl’s life has blossomed into a joyful one and I am honored to have had a part in this.  Thank you for all you do from my heart to yours.

Kim Cook, Blue Sky Rescue of Minnesota, (Pearl’s receiving rescue)

pearl********Hi Kim!  I just wanted to pass along these photos to you and to tell you how thankful we are that Pearl is a part of our family!  She’s such a
sweet dog: so good with the boys, and with other dogs, and she’s smart!
She seems to be adjusting well and we just love her!  It’s fun to have a
furry companion back in our lives, especially one as good as she.  So
please pass this message on to all the others who helped bring Pearl to
us.  We’re sorry that we’re benefiting from someone else’s loss, but we
sure are glad to have Pearl in our lives.

Amy, Ted and the boys