We wanted to share with you how much we love Pete and how well he has fit right into our family.  He is growing (over 70 pounds now!) and thriving here on Cape Cod and absolutely loves the snow and chasing sea gulls on the beach!  Pete has a love of the woods as well and loves racing down the trails of the local state park, stopping to investigate every interesting tree, bush, and rock.  He and our 2 year old lab Marcie were instant buddies and love curling up together on their dog bed or any other soft comfortable surface they can reach, as well as playing tag in the back yard.  Pete tap dances around when its time for his meals and adores our two children who use him as a soft fluffy pillow!

Wherever he goes he receives an automatic hug from everyone he meets as they cannot resist his teddy bear eyes and soft fur.  We are proud to tell people he came to us from your organization and they, like us, are shocked that such a beautiful and loving dog could have been so thoughtlessly tossed out.  Thank you for saving Pete and bringing him to us, he is the perfect addition to our family and he now has the life every dog deserves!

Liz and Shawn