ripleyHey Joy hope all is well down south I was going to give a 1 year update on Ripley but when i checked the website and saw his picture on the youtube link i thought to give his update now. After meeting you and hubby in CT over labor day weekend Ripley has just been amazing the neighborhood kids running of the school bus to look for him, to our many daily hikes usually more than 3 miles, he never gets tired just keeps going and going.He is the smartest lab that i have had, you need to only tell him once and he understands whether he has done good or bad.Being single and with no kids it is cool to have other dog owners tell me  what a handsome dog he is.then when i tell them he was a shelter dog they are blown away.So not knowing his true birthday or age i decided to make his birthday (he will be 2yrs old?)   the same as mine which is the 4th of  JULY (i will be 47) also reflecting his new independence on his life, I thought that was pretty cool in closing I wish you and your group GOD SPEED and keep up the fantastic work you do  Mike