rusty1rusty2My daughter, Amy, has fostered quite a few dogs and lots of them she has brought over to show my husband and I.  Of course they are all so cute and it’s always tempting to get another dog.  (I had a mutt that was part cocker spaniel for 14 1/2  yrs.  Abby was her name and she was the best dog ever.  We had to put her down 4 yrs ago.  What a loss that was.)  Ever since then I wondered if there would be another.

So on a cold day in February Amy brought Rusty here to show us another of her fosters’.  We went outside and played, wrestled and just had a great time.  That night I went to bed and got just about zero sleep.  I tossed and turned and imagined him outside working in the yard w/ me, going for walks, etc as my Abby had done.  My reluctant husband agreed we’d “try” to see  of he would work out.  Well, here it is , July, and it’s the best choice I’ve made in a long time.  My husband loves him too!!