I wanted to give you a quick update on Simon.  He is doing really well and finally understands that he is safe and very loved and that he doesn’t have to fear, just relax and be adored!  ( He may still be fearful of the tornadoes on the trip up here).   His potty training is really coming along and we determined his birthday to be around November 23, 2008.  He gets at least 5 or more massages per week with the rubber groomer and he loves to play fetch every night until he is out of breath.  (toy shopping for him was a blast!)  We allow him to sleep in bed with us, but he would much rather sleep in the dog bed with Tucker (our 10 year old scottie/dachshund mix).  Our cats are slowly adjusting to his enthusiasm and everyone who meets him falls in love.  We plan to take him and Tucker camping a lot this year and only consider the campgrounds who love dogs, not just tolerate them.  He still likes to be held like a baby and loves to put his paws on my shoulder while I scratch up to his collar and back down to his tail.  He is very spoiled and his crate is becoming more like a decoration than a timeout place for him! (although he loves to steal waffles from our 3 year old daughter).  He thinks that our 7 year old daughter is his mother!  He is rarely home alone and hopefully never will be.  He is incredible and thank you for bringing him into our lives!  My 5 year old daughter even has frequent dreams about him.  He is a gentle loving soul who really gives our house a happy, lively feel!  All 20 pounds of him!  He is a blessing totally and completely!  Thanks again!