sugarHi!!   Our family adopted Sugar, who is now Edie back in June.  I cannot tell you the happiness she brought us.  She was a lil roughed up when she took that long drive to CT but she has come a long way and is the most loving dog I have ever encountered.  Everyone she meets offers to doggie-sit her because of her amazing personality and love of people and other animals.  A few weeks ago we adopted a special needs kitten and Edie treats it as her baby.  She cleans it and carries it around in her mouth.  Edie goes just about everywhere we go. This past weekend we took her to the beach where she ran, learned to swim  and played with all the other dogs.  Upon moving in, she quickly took over our living room as her room.  I am in the process of buying new furniture so I can move her and “her couch” into the spare room and have my living room back – although she is most happy in the bed with us!!  Thanks for all you guys do.  It’s an amazing thing!
Jennifer, Scottie and the kids