Good Morning!

I keep meaning to get updated pictures of Tinka Tank (our “little” brindle boxer mix), but every time I turn around she’s grown again. Tank is now up to 20 pounds and getting along great with Keesha, our cocker spaniel.  They both have a grooming appointment on Tuesday the 7th, Tank doesn’t need it, but I think it will be a good learning experience for her.  She’s been great with our pool training, she will only come as close as the concert walk way and will not venture any closer. We’re very proud that she’s learned this so fast, mainly for safety! She’s learning to sit, unless it’s time to eat (we’re still working on patience) and we are working on laying down and staying (I think stay is a little advance for a puppy… so we’re taking that easy). We’ll be scheduling her spay shortly… I’m thinking maybe late July time frame, since Brent will be on leave and can “baby” her constantly once she’s home from the spay.  All and all (now that she’s having less accedence in the house ;-).)  She’s a great dog and we thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her.

Thank you again!


Aubrie A. P.


4 BCT S4