Hello Joy & all,

I have been wanting to give you an update on Taylor/Emily/ Bridget.had to change her name from both as I have granddaughters w/ those names….Female SchnauzerA391935……

She is absolutely wonderful…..She has settled in nicely…… She can see out of the left eye now & watches things where b/4 she listened to the sounds.The right eye that was bright red has changed to her normal color brown w/ some blue.She is so strong, intelligent & willing to learn.
I recieved what I needed from your vet for Bridget to get her shots.She was great.I was so proud of her when the vet tech approached her she sat to be petted….just like I taught her. She was well behaved w/ the other dogs , loves to go for walks, loves everyone & everything.She is great w/ the cat,my other dogs.She is just plain wonderful.She has gained weight… loves her food….Eats her Vitamin E soft gels right along w/ her food daily.
I want to thank you for taking good care of her & for giving me the chance to love her & care for her…..
Bridget, Bob, Becky, Buffy, Brody,Pause the cat & ME ,….Marie …. the Alpha dog