Hi Joy,
sorry I haven’t written before now—-we had computer problems.    Anyway—–Chicky/  Dixie    she didn’t respond to us with her name of chicky—–my daughter said dixie and she went running to her. so the name stuck and she is doing awesome!!!
The first 2 days she was nervous the poor girl—after the second week she was coming around nicely. The children love her and she loves my kids .
She is still a little shy around my husband— (any man for that fact)
I will take pictures and send them to you.
The transport lady ( wanda) I think was her name   she is such a nice lady.  I enjoyed meeting her.
So hopefully this rests your mind that our dixie is happy and is in good hands.  We love her and she is a huge part of the family.
Thank you
Diana Houle