Good Morning, Miss Joy!

I am just writing to thank you again for recommending ME to Ben to adopt for my new Mama, Fran Hohenstein.  It is a perfect match and we are both very, very happy together.  We do everything together and on my grooming dates, my mama can’t wait to get me back so Miss Salli lets her pick me up in just two hours.

We will celebrate my first year here in my new “forever home” on Thursday, May 6th.  I call that my “birthday” – the start of my new life.  I expect to celebrate many additional birthdays in my new “forever home”.

We both appreciate you telling Ben about me – my being cripple is not a problem for me or for my Mama.   We love each other very much.   I am truly grateful to you for suggesting me to Ben.   Hope you and all your little and big animals there are doing good.   Hope to see you sometime when you are in Savannah.

Coco Hohenstein and his Mama