oscarHi Philip!

Wanted to check in with you about Oscar (and how could I not send more pictures!!)
I swear he now “poses” for them J  I have been trying to capture his “smile” in a photo and although I haven’t succeeded yet, I enclosed a funny picture of the tail end of one, he makes me laugh every day 🙂  I am sending you 2 different emails to be able to send you the pictures! He is a FANTASTIC dog,  I just love him so very much!  He is completely used to the cold now —  it doesn’t phase him at all anymore!  In fact, he’s usually the last one to come  in.   I have been bringing him to a huge local pet store to help socialize him, the workers there have been very helpful & understanding toward him .  I bring hot dog bits with me J The first visit, he growled at everyone &  tried to climb under every shelf he could find L   I didn’t stay too long,  I tried to keep it light & happy. The second & third time, he only growled at certain people & he did take treats from some.  The nice thing too is he is so distracted in there that  wearing a leash which he doesn’t like, is the least of  his worries – poor guy.  I will continue to bring him there & other places. I will be THRILLED the day he can join me & my other dogs on the long walks we take every day.   The other item we are working on J  is my neighbor lets my dogs out for me on Saturdays when I am a the clinic.  Since he had quite a serious growl/bark toward her while I was here, I asked her to stop over briefly each day, just to give him a treat so he could get to know her.  The first time she entered while I was at the clinic to let them out she  said he was lunging/growling/barking  & wouldn’t  let her enter the house. What I do now  is close the door to his crate & leave the house, then she comes in & drops him a treat & leaves — short & sweet.    He is SUCH a snuggle bunny!!!! He loves burying himself between my comforters, & he sleeps with me every night!
Sorry my email is so long, but I just absolutely adore him, and I’ll always be grateful to you guys for saving him !!  All the best in 2010 for  you J
Eileen & Oscar