brody1brody2hello,I adopted brody as a puppy 4 years ago from gard. He is my baby.very smart and protective.
He will not let me out of his sight for long, he even goes in the bathroom with me when I shower.
when I get home from work ,his face is in the window ..waiting for mommy.
as soon as I get in the door..he tells me all about his day..or he’s yelling at me.
he will sit in front me, look straight at me and’s the cutest thing ever.I wish I new what he was saying.
He has his way of telling me what he needs.if he wants to go out,he will go over to his leash and paw at it or bite it.
when he’s hungry he will get my attention and then go over to his bag of dog food and poke it with his nose.
if he wants to play he will drop a toy in front of me.
if he wants a treat or to be brushed he will look directly up at the shelf that they are on.
He knows the words ,go out…. ride…. camp….night night
plus the basic sit ,lay,shake,get up.if I say papa or sammy is home he will perk his ears and run to the window
and look for papa or my daughter. He knows his toys by name,duck,chicken,monkey,Frisbee,ball
and will get them from his toy box when told to,if only he would put them back.
He don’t bark ,unless someone’s at the door and he wont lick your face,unless I say kisses.
I hope we have many years together.I love him as my own boy.thank you for saving him and letting me adopt him.

Wendy brown