dexterWe just adore him.  his name was dexter and we changed it to mullins.  i would love to know more about him and where he came from if you know anything that would be great.  i remember that he came from a kill shelter in sc and had some sisters but that’s all i know.  he was sick when we got him and very scared.  he had never been on a leash before and froze up when i put it on him.  he didn’t have normal bowel movements for a good month.  according to the vet even when he had gotten better he just had a very sensitive stomache.   even though times are tough with the economy etc.  we spend whatever we have on him.  we make sure he gets the best food and lots of toys.  we even try to get him organic treats.  he loves to play.  he tries to bring a toy with him whenever we go outside for a walk.  he loves the leash now and is not afraid of it at all.  it’s been great for me because he has me out walking more.  he has a room upstairs that he likes to go to and lay in the sun and look out the window.  he was up there sleeping this morning and i had become upset about something and he heard me cry.  he came charging down the stairs to my side the second he heard me.  i realized then how it is really them who rescue us.  it’s amazing how in just a few months he has become such an important part of our lives and i can’t even remember what it was like before we got him.  dogs have such great character and love us so unconditionally.  i feel forever indebted to him for all he does for us.  in return i do my best to make sure he has a great life and is spoiled, happy, and healthy.  i will send you a link to my website when i get it sorted.  we will try and get you some more puppy food too.