hannahHi, Hannah is doing great.She is now up to 49.9 lbs.I had her weighed Mon. for her heartworm med. to see if she went to the 50 lb. pill and she did.She’s never needed a crate.She’s left with Bandit when we gotta go to the store or pay bills and theres never a problem when we get home.She had someone take alot of time with her at some time in her life because she knows sit,shake paws and stay.She’s very,very well behaved.Bandit  will play with her and thats a first in yrs. that he’s liked a dog.She doesn’t like thunder,she jumps up in the chair when it thunders,I guess the chair makes her feel safe..lol….I’ve attached some pics. I took today and will send more updates down the line.   Bev