nigelA year ago, we adopted our Nigel from your shelter.  He is a cock-a-poo who came to us after you had removed him and others from a puppy mill.  I just thought I would keep you up-to-date about him.  We found him to be extremely fearful, mostly of tall people–men, especially, and my tall housekeeper.  We enlisted the dog behaviorist recommended by Case Vet Hospital, added a daily Prozac dose, and slowly, but surely, he is less and less timid.  He is uninterested in play with toys, but he carries his bed everywhere, placing it wherever our family is, and lying beside it, paw on the cushioned edge.  He carries his full dog dish in to rest next to the bed, and he then fetches a blanket which he places carefully in the area.  He proceeds to eat his dinner after setting up the nest.  He is mostly house-trained–except on rainy days, he stubbornly refuses to get wet… and even under an umbrella, he is not especially fond of going out.  He is great with other dogs, and we socialize him whenever possible.  He has warmed to my husband slowly, accepting goodies and treats from him, as suggested by Kevin, the dog trainer.  We had to have five teeth removed, but he has otherwise been healthy.  We have no knowledge of his actual age since the vet felt his tooth decay indicated an older dog than two.  He is smart, sassy, and we are definitely happy to have him.  I just wanted you to hear how one of your successful alumni is doing.  He is a beautiful fellow, and we really enjoy him.  I hope you are placing many of his friends since home care really is so good.  Doris Greenberg MD