sugarSugar is the sweetest dog! We just love her. My sister could not get her to eat anything after picking her up on Tuesday. She would drink water and just finally ate for me yesterday – a piece of Honeybaked Ham. Now, she eats hamburger and rice with the other dogs but will not eat the Iam treats or Kibbles & Bits yet.
I took her for a car ride today and she rode so well. She is very well behaved and gives me kisses. She likes to sleep away from the other dogs and chose to make her bed on the base of the treadmill. I will send some pictures as soon as I get them transferred from my camera. Hopefully, I can send pictures yet tonight. I am cooking our Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow. My husband and I went to my father-in-law’s for dinner yesterday. Sugar stayed home in the house with the other dogs and they all got along just fine. We could not ask for a better dog! I am sending a picture of her in the van on the way to Columbus from my brother-in-law in a separate email. I cannot seem to copy the picture into this email.
Thanks so much!